St. Thomas

Episcopal Church

of Diamondhead


Programs On-hold

The following programs are not currently active for various reasons (for example, the primary members may have moved away).  If you feel called to help reinvigorate these programs, please contact us.

Men's Breakfast

The Men's Breakfast Group is a ministry of Christian fellowship and service.  It is open to all men in the church, and the men frequently bring visitors.  It meets and enjoys a hearty breakfast the third Saturday morning of each month, and typically invites a guest speaker.

Its meetings are an opportunity for the men to refresh themselves in body, mind, and spirit as it enjoys fellowship, and plans, finances, and carries out projects to benefit the church.

Amazing Praisers

The Amazing Praisers is a Christian drama group of church members that presents short plays or dramatic productions that carry a Christian message.  The group is open to all ages because people of all ages appear in the Bible. The participants can be actors, or help with production, sets, costumes, or a combination of these duties.
The groups presentations include a Stewardship Production, Miss Strict's Seventh Grade, in November 2011, and a Lenten production, Wedding in Cana, on March 21, 2012.

Stewardship Play 1  Stewardship Play 2

Stewardship Play, 2011

Lenten Play

Lenten Play, 2012