St. Thomas

Episcopal Church

of Diamondhead


St. Thomas Vestry

George Heburn, 2018, Senior Warden
Jack Allen, 2018, Junior Warden
Joe Floyd, Treasurer
Ed Weidlich, 2018
Debbie Brann, 2019
Betty Patecek, 2019
Corny Swayze, 2019
Mike Bentson, 2020
Georgeann Luxion, 2020
Sean Ziegeler, 2020

St. Thomas Staff

Sue Foster, Business and Financial Assistant
GiGi Reeks, Organist
Loriamber Ziegeler, Director of Sunday School
Brittany Rodriguez, Director of Child Care

Vestry Organizational Responsibilities

Each Vestry member is responsible for various activities of the church, as follows:

Rector - Worship, Liturgy/Music, Parish Administration, Diocesan Matters

Senior Warden.  George Heburn - Rector’s Warden, Budget, Finance, Discipleship Programs, Stewardship, Outreach, Fund Raising Activities

Junior Warden.  Jack Allen - Peoples’ Warden.  Building Operation and Maintenance, Food Pantry, Disaster Planning

Treasurer.  Joe Floyd - Financial Reports, Processing Receipts, Bank Deposits, Disbursements

Debbie Brann, Betty Patecek, Sean Ziegeler - Youth and Christian Education

Corny Swayze, Georgeann Luxion - Outreach

George Heburn, Betty Patecek - Parish Life, Worship

George Heburn, Joe Floyd, Jack Allen, Mike Bentson - Executive/Finance

Clerk - Recording of Vestry Meeting Minutes.  Vestry Attendance Records